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Earthlite Zenvi Sound Cushion

Friday, November 5th, 2010

Earthlite Zenvi Sound Cushion is new to the massage industry but has burst on to the scene as a top notch must have face rest cover for any massage therapist. The Earthlite Zenvi Sound Cushion will fit just about all standard face rest cradles. The nice thing about the Zenvi is that you can have your own ipod or any mp3 player with play lists that will give your clients more options in choosing the best music for their massage. Another great benefit of the Zenvi Sound Cushion is that it truly blocks out any other noise disturbances that may be going on within your area as the music is right there for them. Newlife Systems proudly carries this state of the art head rest cover by Earthlite. Try out the Zenvi for yourself and zone out all that excess noise and bring that total relaxation to your client and their treatment.