Dr. Cohen’s Acuball Kit

Dr. Cohen's Acuball kit includes:

1. The Acuball – As Seen on the Doctor Oz Show, which is truly wonderful for releasing tight muscles and joints in the neck, low back, hips and legs. Its patented design is heatable and can be used directly behind your back to release spinal tension.

2. The smaller Acuball Mini which works wonders on the smaller muscles of the feet, arms and upper back.

3. Easy Start Guide gets you relieving pain and enhancing your vitality immediately.

4. A 62 minute high quality instructional DVD

Featuring Dr. Cohen that allows you to zero in on the exact areas you need work on.

It also includes specially designed features such as:

-The 60 second All-Star Revitalizing stretch break

-A special section for low back pain sufferers

-A must see computer users section that shows you exactly what to do to reverse the damage we all get from computer use.
5. Dr. Cohen's empowering 190 page book Feel It? Heal It!

This value-packed guide gives you unique insight into healing from Dr. Cohen’s first hand experiences with native healing traditions in many countries around the world including Tibet, China, Sri Lanka, the Amazon, and India. Easy to read and engaging, you’ll learn powerful strategies to enhance your healing that are simple to use.

The book also features:

Unique 60 second stretch programs for boosting vitality and relieving back pain

Clinically proven Mind-Body healing techniques to help reduce pain and stiffness 100% naturally

Quick use Acuball and Stretch charts

A must read chapter for computer users that explains the effects computers have and the exact steps we can take to reverse these.


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